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The Most Efficient and Durable Column Pipes, Suction Pipes, HDEP Pipes, and Garden Pipes for Fluid Transport

Column Pipe

Efficient water conduit essential for submersible pumps. Crafted from durable uPVC or stainless steel, our pipes ensure optimal water flow. With threaded joints and corrosion resistance, they offer seamless assembly and longevity.

Suction Pipe

Calama Suction Pipes are made from durable PVC materials and corrosion-resistant alloys, they guarantee longevity and prevent wear. Designed for reliability, Calama Suction Pipes are resistant to external factors such as UV rays and weather conditions.


Crafted from high-density polyethylene, these pipes ensure optimal flow and durability. Their smooth interior minimizes friction, preventing clogs and maintaining efficient operation.

Garden Pipe

With flexibility and a user-friendly design, they make watering hassle-free. Choose Calama for dependable and convenient garden irrigation solutions.